Window Wonder / #2 Round


Window Wonder, a We Love Colors project in collaboration  with the concept store Studiostore, keeps moving forward, non stop! This colorful and energetic event took place the past Thursday 20th of  June in Barcelona. We celebrated together with the invited artist David Méndez Alonso,  second edition of this project. Our creative guest delighted us with a 3 x 2 metros giant sticker on the window of the store, exclusively made for this occasion.




2 IMG_9589   IMG_9618  IMG_9631 IMG_9667   IMG_9709 IMG_9714 IMG_9733 IMG_9734 IMG_9745 IMG_9756 IMG_9760

IMG_9691 IMG_9772 IMG_9776 IMG_9779 IMG_9796 IMG_9814 IMG_9828

IMG_9866 IMG_9831 IMG_9832

IMG_9871 IMG_9873 IMG_9877 IMG_9904 IMG_96691 IMG_96771 IMG_97751 IMG_98471





IMG_9849 IMG_9856 IMG_9859 IMG_9860 IMG_9864

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