Melbourne based artist Jack Vanzet’s color explotion paintings!

Jack Vanzet is a 23 year old art director, music producer and visual artist based in Melbourne, Australia.

Jack has worked for and in conjuction with Adidas, Fosters, Decca Records, Universal Music Group, Island Records, Bombay Sapphire Gin, City of Melbourne, Men’s Health Magazine, Association of Surfing Professionals, Crumpler, J. Walter Thompson, Vivid Sydney, Toni & Guy, The Creators Project, Melbourne Central, Future Classic, Warner Music, EMI, Intel and Vice Magazine.

Jack has been interviewed or featured by Grafik, Triple J, It’s Nice That, Acclaim Magazine, Australian InFront, Beautiful Decay and Earmilk.


876_1169-1 876_1169 876_Abstract_2_Jack_Vanzet_1169 1752_Jack_Vanzet_1169 Jack_vanzet_876_1169 Jack_Vanzet_Isolation

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