The color revolution by Michelle Tourikian

Michelle Tourikian, born in 1989 in Richmond Hill, Ontario, earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from OCAD University in 2011 majoring in Drawing and Painting. Post-graduation she gained valuable experience and insight as a participant in OCAD University’s 2012 Florence program. Living in Florence, Italy initiated a period of rapid evolution in her work, which began with a range of paintings focused on representing the emotional distress involved in change, displacement and mortality. Since this development, her work has transformed into a visual representation of information gathering, desperately seeking to discover a tangible manifestation of thought through the mixed use of abstraction and figuration. Traditional materials such as oil paint, canvas, wooden panel, paint brushes and palette knives collaborate to breathe life into this chaotic alternate plane of existence.

Artist’s website heremichelletourikian03 michelletourikian04 michelletourikian05 michelletourikian02 michelletourikian01.

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