Contrasted paintings by Cain Caser

Cain Caser is a London based self-taught-artist. He defines his work as hypnagogic portraits. He never set out to create a specific picture, he just keep abusing the same process until one appears. Caser’s influences are Tudor sumptuary laws, Style Wars, The Sweeney.
The process: Mix paint on paper whilst working rather than a palette, cut that up, collage, draw over it, photocopy it, cut it up again and so on until he arrives at a draft which he then translate to canvas.

01-Goat_B-Boy 02-Khat_Head 03-Play_Vehicle 04-Blonde 05-Hotel_Ghost 06-Tyburn_Tree 07-Agatha_Christie 08-Jug_Head 09-Joseph_Kyselak
See more Caser’s stuff here.

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