Funky illustrations by Jangojim

Hi there ! Here is Jangojim, a 28-year old self-taught artist from Antwerp, Belgium ( the Land of Chocolate ).  He is enjoying the Magnificent Life Experience and he tries to make himself stay on earth worth it.

Jangojim says! :

Comics, coffee & tea, cookies, photography, I devour movies and books ( with a love for old B-Movies and their posters ), toy robots, arcade games, 20’s jazz music, machines & old cities, freak shows, fairgrounds, old museums, wooden things, full-time daydreaming, the sound of crisps when you eat them and a lot more. I forgot to include traveling. And food. Oh, delicious FOOD !

My real name is DIMITRI SAKELAROPOLUS. My great grandfather was a Greek sailor from Athens who met my great grandmother, of Norwegian descent, in Wales. They ended up in vibrant port city Antwerp in Belgium. My family still lives and loves it there. My surname ( oh the painful hours of trying to write it when I was a kid ) apparently means: protector of the church treasure. I thought up a moniker in 2005, because people had trouble remembering my name or spelling it right. One of my favorite jazz musicians is Django Reinhardt. His music was always a great inspiration, although I listen to a lot of different kinds. I’ve always liked the name Django, which means “I awaken”. That same year I was in Athens, Greece and for some reason people started calling me “Jim” after I said my name was Dimitri. I found Jango and Jim going very well together audibly and there it was. My name : JANGOJIM. Without “d” and in one word. Sometimes people write it in two parts, and that’s ok too.

I’ve always been drawing in sketchbooks or on anything that I could find as long as I can remember. My parents always had paper and pencils with them wherever we went to keep me busy. Everyone around me told me to not become a professional artist. Too difficult, too uncertain. I ended up studying literature and linguistics at the University of Antwerp because of my love for stories and languages. But over the years the irresistible urge to create, to draw, became bigger than me. I realized I had to follow my dreams or I would become an unhappy man. It’s a cliché, but don’t let anyone stop you from becoming who you want to be. A symbiotic couch potato or a tap dancing unicorn? Go for it !jangojim-01 jangojim-02 jangojim-03 jangojim-04 jangojim-05 jangojim-06 jangojim-07 jangojim-08

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