MINIZUKA, Power Art. Inspired by We Love Colors

The Colombian artist Paola Garrido, is blowing people’s mind with her “power art”.


MINIZUKA says and express all what Paola Garrido wouldn’t be able to do.- “Im too shy” she said. She uses digital procedures for the first stage of her artwork, after that she works with acrylics mixing techniques creating irregular forms, adding strokes, splatters and of course a lot of color specially neon.


MINIZUKA-color-home-inspired-we-love-colors MINIZUKA-color-inspired-we-love-colors

“My artwork and me are visually a mirror” – MINIZUKA 


Paola turns into art daily life moments or emotions, for her each one is a new experience.

Right now Paola is in a new stage. She wants to create decoration items, bring art “out of the frame” and turn it into something you can enjoy in a different way.  MINIZUKA HOME is already available with really cool bedding sets and pillows, so go and check it out.
Paola, thank you for your time and for being part of our Inspired by We Love Colors project.

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