Embroidery Pictures – Art by Style Marmalade

We have been following Victoria’s work for a while now, weeks ago we talked to her about our Inspired By Project and we offer her this space to share her artwork. This is the way Style Marmalade got Inspired By We Love Colors.


Since a young age Victoria has been interested in fashion and art, overlapping both passions in everything she does. Almost 4 years ago she started a personal style blog that with the time evolved into a virtual art gallery for those that love fashion.

Inspired-by-we-love-colors-Victoria-style-marmalade Inspired-by-we-love-colors-wool-style-marmalade

” I don’t have formal art or fashion education. I’ve learned everything by getting my hands on any medium I feel attracted by. About over a year ago I started making fashion collages with photography where I involved textures, so I started working with yarn, painting and glitter mainly.

I enjoy the creative process from the beginning to the end and I also enjoy experimenting with new materials. Since a lot of the things I do are self-thought there’re a lot of mistakes involved, but those mistakes become part of the final piece. These mistakes have a sense of rawness that I really like in contrast with the perfect photographies.”






The artist behind Style Marmalade find in art a escape to though moments in her life, it becomes something therapeutical that brings her back energy and even power to keep going and of course creating.


We are so happy to have her creating these images for us. For you all.

Thank you Victoria.

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