Llegodoy, Inspired by We Love Colors

Normally when you see a picture from Llegodoy, you will see art. Conceptual desaturated images, serious models, interesting frames…Definitely this guy sees the world from another perspective, that’s why we wanted him as part of our Inspired By project. 

We never know what to expect when we start the conversations with the artists, they always surprise us. Llegodoy created his version of a lookbook for We Love Colors, putting together contrasting colors or using the same chromatic range, adding textures and models with a lot of personality.

These images are proof that the young photographer is not afraid of stepping out of his comfort zone.

we-love-colors-llegodoy-art we-love-colors-llegodoy- we-love-colors-llegodoy we-love-colors-llegodoy-lookbook we-love-colors-llegodoy-leotard we-love-colors-llegodoy-splash-color we-love-colors-llegodoy-fishnets


Models:  Ainara Rodriguez / Sofia Brownie / Andrea Villalba

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