Xabier Perez Inspired By We Love Colors

As part of the “Inspired By” project we are open to any art / creative collaborations with different artists. This time the young photographer Xabier Perez created a We Love Colors lookbook Styled by Ainara Rodriguez, showcasing our products in different playful looks. They even recorded a short video of the Making Of so you can enjoy the whole concept in movement.

Thank you guys for these fresh and colorful pictures.

Also check out their series “Watchers” posted into our Tumblr. Studio 4

On his own words…

I have always loved being surrounded by nature and people. Trying to get “tainted” by everything that is around me… “Sometimes I feel the adult intellect; Other times I shoot whit the simplicity of a child. My nature: ever changing, ever wondering, fascinated by all thought and logic.” In some way, I just try to find a way to express myself.

For this Inspired By Project, we separate the work in two shootings.

For the first one, we shot in the studio, somehow, I tried to go back to the 70’s-80’s colorful-saturated-retro aesthetic, combining collage and those year’s style, bringing back that roller-rockabilly-beachy high color contrasted atmosphere.

For the second one, I wanted to do it more personal and private, being in the role of a voyeur, delighting myself with what I could see trough my camera, trying to capture the delicacy and softness of the scene I was watching.

studio 3

Studio 5 studio 2

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