Shades of green analog story by Le Godoy

Technology is changing the world we used to know in every possible way. The time we used to spend in front of the computer has reduced significantly and our lives have moved into a mobile version, we shop, we make friends, business, workout, everything in or with our phones. Photography of course it’s part of this evolution/transformation, it seems like with Instagram everyone is a photographer, but how beautiful is to keep alive the classics, the raw way of every form of art.

For this analog story, Le Godoy used a bunch of our imperfect tights in different shades of green and blue. Ligths, shot after shot, poses, glitter, model.. all that followed by the emotion to see what it came out out of it.

Get into the dark room becomes the most exciting moment, it’s like a date between the artist and the film, you never know what to expect, everything can happen. That moment it’s priceless.

Once again, enjoy these beautiful analog pictures scanned to be posted on this blog and shared with you all.

welovecolors-analog-legodoy-1 welovecolors-analog-legodoy- welovecolors-analog-legodoywelovecolors-analog-legodoy-2

welovecolors-analog-legodoy1 welovecolors-analog-legodoy-3

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