Colorful and Creative Instagram accounts to follow

Four colorful and Creative Instagram accounts you should follow!

For some people Instagram is their favorite social media, they check it out every time they have the phone on their hands.This fact is not surprising as you can find so much inspiration in this app every single minute. There are thousands of users creating really creative and unexpected content. We just picked a few, the colorful ones. We hope you found them inspiring as we do.

Not everything is what it seems! Smart images by @PaulFuentes Design

colorful-Instagram-to-follow6 colorful-Instagram-to-follow7

Play-doh looking images with a Mexican touch created by @Grand Chamaco.

colorful-Instagram-to-follow9 colorful-Instagram-to-follow10


Dinosaurs in different presentations by @JonpaulDouglass.

colorful-Instagram-to-follow12 colorful-Instagram-to-follow712

Cropped images that @Smcmennamy  put together in a very creative way, turning simple objects into art.

colorful-Instagram-to-follow4 colorful-Instagram-to-follow5

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