Gabriel Dawe’s Plexus A1

We’re always excited when artists are inspired by our tights to create something, but we’re also Inspired By artists ourselves! Most recently, we’re head­-over-­heels in love with Gabriel Dawe’s current exhibition at the Renwick Gallery in Washington DC, entitled “Plexus A1”.


Dawe’s elaborate installation is made with miles worth of embroidery thread in all colors of the rainbow, creating a very realistic prism-­like rainbow. It’s affixed from the high ceilings to the floor, illuminated by natural light.

Plexus A1 isn’t Dawe’s first rodeo. The Mexican native has created multiple fiber installations many of which are currently on display. His work has been displayed in many countries around the world, and he aims to explore the concepts of fashion, architecture, and shelter as well as challenge present­ day notions of machismo and masculinity.


We sent our Maryland­ based gal, Mary, to the Renwick Gallery to check out his work in person and we definitely recommend making the trip if you can! Plexus A1 is one of nine elaborate installations in part of the “Wonder” exhibition, and it will stay up till July 2016. (His installation is located on the first floor, but the second floor will close two months earlier, in May.)


Admission is free, and photography is encouraged!

If you’re not able to make the trip to DC before the exhibit closes, you can always turn yourself into a rainbow with our 50 shades of tights, leotards, gloves, and more!

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