Splash Color Painting by Charlotte Hager

We’re always thrilled when artists are inspired by our products. Many times the artist will use the physical product in their art, but this time we’re excited to share Charlotte Hager’s work which was inspired by one of our pairs of splash colored tights.

Splash Color Painting by Charlotte Hager | We Love Colors

Charlotte works primarily with acrylic paints since she finds them “forgiving” to her experimentation and impulsive nature. She’s also often found “bedazzling” things with feathers and gem stones. Her work is always colorful, so we wanted to ask her more about her experiences and preferences with color, especially since she has a special condition called Synesthesia which can manifest in many ways, but simply explained is when two or more of your physical senses overlap and create a different experience than anyone else has.

Splash Color Painting by Charlotte Hager | We Love Colors

How do colors make you feel? Do you have a favorite palette to work with?

“Colors make me feel like everything is going to be okay in this world. There’s a certain amount of pure, unadulterated joy I experience with bright, bold colors; an almost childhood innocence where the world is fun and has your best interest at heart. I especially have a soft spot for a limited color palette of the basics: ROYGBIV, baby.”

Splash Color Painting by Charlotte Hager | We Love Colors

How has Synesthesia affected your work and life?

“The world around me is alive, evolving, and brilliant. I never knew how I saw and experienced aspects of my reality was different from other people. To me color has tastes, gender, temperatures, associative numbers as well as days of the weeks (weird, I know). Colors have personalities to me. Perhaps this is why art has had such a profound effect on me since I was a child – I’ve found a way to channel this magical world I see daily into a visual form that others can experience and begin to understand.”

Splash Color Painting by Charlotte Hager | We Love Colors

What inspired you about the pair of splash color tights you based your painting on?

“This piece – in a nutshell- is inspired by the interconnectiveness of music, the arts, and visual expression. In the early 1900’s, Evelyn Underhill, a mystic scholar, wrote about how the purest form of communication with the Divine is through the arts; and the purest of the arts is music. I am fascinated about this bridge between the spiritual and human worlds through artistic manifestations – with my particular interest in the visual arts. I often reflect on how music seems to resonate through my soul, my inner core being, thereby impacting my art work, which then impacts my ideas of the Divine or energy connectiveness between all living creatures…which then in turn inspires the music and the art. It’s an incredible idea of cyclical energy and inspiration.

This can easily sound like hippie nonsense, but for me it’s such a satisfying way of thinking about how art expresses something greater and “otherworldly” through me and for me. The tights are actually my typical, “psychedelic” palette and I just let the music and colorful tights guide the shapes and designs on the canvas. I literally had no idea how the painting would evolve, but I keep myself open to whatever divinely wanted to communicate with me.”

Splash Color Painting by Charlotte Hager | We Love Colors

Charlotte’s painting was made with acrylic paints and canvas and remains untitled. She resides in Baltimore, Maryland where she works in the field of reproductive health. You can find out more about her on her website or follow her on Instagram.

If you would like to share your artwork with us as part of the Inspired By We Love Colors project, please e-mail us at social@welovecolors.com.

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