Patchwork Girl Cosplay

Sierra Decordova is a cosplayer in Miramar, Florida. When she was planning her outfit for Ultra Con, she needed a pair of tights and a friend recommended We Love Colors to her. Sierra checked out our site and was so inspired by all the colors, so she and her mom, Riviera purchased a bunch of our imperfect tights with the help of one of our customer service representatives.Patchwork Girl Cosplay - We Love Colors (1)

Later on, Sierra started planning her costume for Magic Con 2016. She used over 70 of our imperfect tights to create a patchwork girl costume from the Wizard Of Oz book in 1913. She won the Judges award at Magic Con 2015 for her costume, and then the Best DeCora Award at Morikami/Hatsume Fair 2016 as Lala Loopsy.

Patchwork Girl Cosplay - We Love Colors
Patchwork Girl Cosplay - We Love Colors (2)In addition to 70 pairs of tights, Sierra also used colorful buttons to put together the dress, as well as some yarn to make her wig. It took about three weeks to make, and she and her mom were really impressed with how well our tights held up — they didn’t get any additional runs in the dress, even after constant stretching and sitting on rough surfaces.Patchwork Girl Cosplay - We Love Colors (4)

Check out this video from the event!

You can check out their Cosplay community on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. You can also join our Facebook community specifically for Cosplay.

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