Tightbomb Bicycle

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Charlotte Hager is originally from Georgia, but is now located in Baltimore where she works in reproductive health and actively pursues her passion of the arts. You may remember her from the gorgeous Splash Color Painting she made, inspired by a specific pair of our tights.

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Although her main medium is acrylic paints, she’s always game for any kind of project as long as it’s colorful (which is one of the many reasons we love her). She makes headdresses, hats, and costumes among other things, and recently decided to combine her passion for the transportation option of biking with art by “tightbombing” a recycled bicycle.

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You can see the different stages of the piece as it progressed. She originally tried to be a little more strategic in the wrapping of tights, socks, shoelaces and even gloves on the spokes, wheels, pedals, and bars. Eventually, she decided to just go with what felt good as she jammed out to some of her favorite music — something that’s very easy for her as colors and music come alive for her in a more realistic way than most due to her Synesthesia.

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Originally, Charlotte ended up sharing photos of the finished bicycle to celebrate Bike To Work Day. Afterwards, she installed it on the streets of Baltimore by locking it to a post for locals to enjoy. It’s a beautiful burst of color we can’t look away from!

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You can catch up with Charlotte’s adventures on Instagram or check out her full site. Remember you can get your own set of imperfect tights for a future Inspired By project.

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Challenge for you — The first person to comment and tell us the color and placement of the glove on her tightbombed bicycle wins a postcard surprise via snail mail! (Make sure to comment with your e-mail address so we can contact you for your address!)

2 Comments Add yours

  1. A Emerson says:

    Love it! It’s like a parade in one bike. And yeah, I saw that yellow glove on the rear wheel.

  2. Kaito says:

    oh, it’s yellow and on the rear wheel..!! the fingers are reaching for the the spokes.

    great work!! i love the colors!!!

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