This Is Magma- Inspired by We Love Colors.

We had the pleasure to collaborate with Agatha Magma in New York City to take part in her sculptural performance art project, “This Is Magma”, this time Inspired by We Love Colors.

Read full transcription of video below:

“I started the Magma project in February 2015. So the idea came while I was also, going through a breakup. Turning my head of, and calming and quieting my heart were really two steps that I wanted to take. The headstand was one of the main poses that allow me to be humble and yet, become stronger and become confident. That is the beauty of the headstand And I just realized one day that was the thing, that was the…how I was experiencing strength and vulnerability at the same time and how I was able to own the vulnerability. For me that sculptural performance in public space is a visualization of the vulnerable confidence that I feel is the key to so much beautiful connection with other people.”

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We Love Colors Vertical Striped Thigh Highs in Sky Blue.

We Love Colors Splash Color Microfiber Footless Tights in #7306


headstand-yoga-new-york-agatha-magma-welovecolors-tights-7-of-18We Love Colors Fishnet Knee Highs in light grayheadstand-yoga-new-york-agatha-magma-welovecolors-tights-10-of-18

We Love Colors Performance Tights

Photography Aminta Paiz



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